Genome is a platform that enables online business owners to open merchant accounts and accept payments in a fast, easy, low cost and secure way.

Genome is everything users need from the traditional banks, but safer, faster and completely online.
Genome is a B2B/B2C EU-oriented company, which offers personal, business, and merchant account opening, payment processing, money exchange, internal, SEPA, and SWIFT transfers, as well as other banking operations completely online. Clients can manage all their funds and accounts within our smart dashboard, which is in a desktop version, or through an app on Android and iOS.
Genome’s knowledge and experience in the banking industry are what make us come up with seamless and easy-to-use services, which can be appreciated by both personal wallet users, and small, medium-size businesses.

Our team’s creative vision and committed efforts allow us frequently update our product and come up with new solutions for our clients. Hence, we are looking for people who can become a part of the team, but also feel free to present their ideas on how to make Genome’s services even better.
Join Genome to get:
— Valuable insights and experience of how the fintech operates;
— A respectable salary with your efforts appreciated by colleagues and the
— A team of professionals, eager to help each other in developing the best product
for online finance management there is;
— An opportunity to share your ideas and knowledge to improve Genome in ways you
see fit.

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