We are on the hunt for a seasoned Senior Back-End Developer for the wildy.ai company, to lead the charge in enhancing the performance, scalability, and security of the application (MVP stage). This role is pivotal in driving the application’s infrastructure evolution, optimizing code, and spearheading integration and automation efforts. You’ll work closely with the product team to architect and implement robust solutions that meet our ambitious technical roadmap.


About Company:

Wildy AI is starting a new chapter in how we talk online — simple, quick, and real. We believe in bringing people closer, making every chat a chance to learn and grow together. The platform is a place for those who appreciate real feelings and staying true to themselves in the digital world.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Scale Application Performance: Utilize Python and AWS to scale our application, ensuring it can handle increased loads efficiently;
  • Enhance Security and Authentication: Strengthen user authentication mechanisms to safeguard against unauthorized access, employing best practices in security;
  • Implement User Limits and Code Optimization: Introduce user activity limitations and refactor existing codebase for optimal performance and maintainability;
  • Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring: Lead CI/CD efforts, utilize tools like Ansible/Terraform for configuration management, and set up comprehensive monitoring and alerting systems;
  • Integration Testing and Forward Compatibility: Develop integration tests to ensure robustness and maintain forward compatibility with external APIs.

Required Technical Skills and Experience:

  • Strong Python Expertise: 5+ years;
  • Cloud Platforms: Understanding of the main services of AWS;
  • Security Practices: Solid understanding of security protocols;
  • DevOps and Automation: Experience with CI/CD tools, infrastructure as code, and automated testing frameworks
  • Monitoring and Logging: Familiarity with monitoring tools and logging systems to ensure application reliability and performance;
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities, with a track record of improving application performance and scalability.

Will be a plus: Experience with Large Language Models (LLMs) deployment and fine-tuning.


What We Offer:

  • Competitive compensation package, flexible working hours, and partly remote work options;
  • A collaborative environment where innovation and learning are encouraged;
  • Rapid growth to Team Lead position with prospects to take the position of product CTO;
  • Friendly team and no bullshit tolerance.


Application Process:

  • Interview on soft skills and company fit with Product Lead (45 min);
  • Technical interview with an external expert (1 h).