Product Manager

Повна зайнятість

EOS Data Analytics is a software company that works in the commercial space
niche, with the main office in the USA and development centers in Ukraine (Kyiv,
We are developing a digital online platform for searching, processing, and analyzing
large volumes of data retrieved from satellites. Using regular and custom algorithms,
the system creates solutions to the challenges in business development and planet
preservation. The tools developed by our team provide individual analytical solutions
in agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, alternative energy, and other industries.

Our key products:

  • EOSDA Crop Monitoring, a satellite-driven online platform for precision
  • EOSDA Forest Monitoring, a software for remote management of forest
    stands thanks to satellite monitoring.
  • EOSDA LandViewer, an online tool for working with satellite data.

Our principles of work

  • Everyone of us is part of something bigger. We're building a company, a leader
    among the VAS (value added services) space sector companies.
  • Leadership at EOSDA means leading the team toward the goals; inspiring and
    motivating them with your own example.
  • Each of us takes responsibility for our decisions and the consequential work
  • Business processes in the company are supposed to simplify the workflow,
    not complicate it.
  • We are initiative and always on the lookout for new approaches that can
    potentially make a difference in the world.
  • We're open to changes and adapt ourselves to them in order to better achieve
    the company's goals.
  • We are professionals in our field. Learning for us is an important and
    perpetual process crucial for the company's growth.
  • We accept responsibility for our own mistakes. We are learning from our
    mistakes to not repeat them in the future.
  • Motivation is coming from within each of us while the company understands,
    supports, and develops it.
  • We work as a team supporting each other. Teamwork is an essential building
    block of our activity.
  • We stand for transparent, polite, horizontal, equal, and concise
  • We build our plans so that we can achieve the main goal (business profit) as
    fast and as effectively as possible.
  • The efficiency of the whole team is the sum total of the efficiencies of all team

Our team is looking for professionals who will help us bring space closer to humans
and make their daily lives easier thanks to faster and better-informed decisions.

Desired skills:


  • Master of prioritizing. Both with product and personal tasks. Especially when
    the task list is overloaded and new tasks keep coming;
  • Strong communication skills with different stakeholder groups and different
    psychotypes of people;
  • The ability and desire to get to the bottom of the problem;
  • Flexibility of thinking. We need people who can think outside of the box, not
  • Experience in Product management with a background of delivering working
    features and products and you know what their impact was;
  • Be okay to respond outside of standard working hours on occasions if there's
    an issue;
  • Experience with Figma and decent understanding of the development
  • Upper-intermediate and above written and spoken English would be a huge


  • Understand user requirements, identify user’s pain points and find
    opportunities improve user’s experience;
  • Build Product Strategy and Vision;
  • Create and prioritize product roadmap and manage backlog;
  • Combining usage data, market and user research, and industry best
    practices to understand and identify user problems and breakthrough
  • Test hypothesis, analyze them and implement updates;
  • Measuring the results of changes introduced, communicating on success or
    failure, identifying key learnings and integrating them in overall understanding
    of the product;
  • Manage product requirements and develop technical specifications;
  • Stakeholders management of owned features’ on all stages of development.

On our corporate culture:

We understand the importance of adaptation in the new company. At EOSDA, on the
very first day, you’ll get a mentor, a highly experienced co-employee who will help you set up inter team communication. They will explain the goal of the project, the work flow, provide you with necessary documentation and feedback on your tasks. Feel free to ask your mentor any questions.

We care about our specialists:


  • 20 days of paid vacation;
  • 100% paid sick leave up to 30 days per year;
  • medical insurance;
  • online consultation with a corporate therapist;
  • financial compensation for taking part in sport activities;
  • financial compensation for coaching and psychologist therapy sessions;
  • flexible start of working day.


  • financial compensation for expenses related to maintaining the work process
    (charging stations, power banks, network equipment, etc.);
  • financial compensation for co-working in locations where there are no
    company offices;
  • corporate gifts on special occasions (starting a family, birth of a child);
  • financial support in a critical situation.

Personal development:

  • financial compensation for attending language courses;
  • financial compensation for training events (courses, conferences, etc.);
  • financial compensation for creative activities;
  • financial compensation for child development and leisure compensation;
  • free access to corporate library, online courses, lectures by Noosphere experts
    plus you can order books;
  • chance to take part in meetups as a member or speaker and exchange

Recreation provided:

  • team buildings, corporate events, quizzes;
  • social activities initiated by our employees: support for children with special
    needs, aid to animals, eco initiatives.